Los Cabos

The gem of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos perfectly balances world-class luxury service with an ethos of sustainability that continues to earn the destination numerous environmental accolades and awards.

This desert paradise where sweeping dunes give way to cerulean seas stands alone as a mecca of idyllic natural beauty, amazing adventures, and a wellness-focused experiences that quite literally can’t be found anywhere else.

Capitalising on its proximity to the iconic El Arco, the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, and Cabo Pulmo, the “Aquarium of the World,” Los Cabos really is nature’s playground. The beaches and trails found here provide ample challenge for every kind of outdoor adventurer including surfers, rock climbers, and hikers while abundant water sports, zip lines, and ATV rides entice adrenaline-junkies.

For those who prioritise rejuvenation and renewal, Los Cabos’ wellness workshops draw upon a global palette of soothing therapies —as well as local rituals around the phases on the moon or cacao ceremonies—to heal and energize mind, body and soul. Indigenous products like desert flowers, aloe, clay, and herbs to help stimulate collagen, eliminate free radicles, and protect the skin.

Some of Los Cabos incredible wellness retreats:

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