Chiva Som, a stunning sanctuary

Chiva Som, a stunning sanctuary, fosters enrichment and transformative experiences. Upon arrival, you undergo a health and wellness consultation, shaping a personalized program with activities ranging from Tai Chi, Aqua Box, and Yoga to skin facial analysis, daily massages, deep cleansing back treatment, and a soothing eye treatment. The staff exudes warmth, compassion, and understanding, ensuring you feel nothing but the best throughout your stay.  

Trekking the Laraprinta Trail in the NT – May 2021

By Lisa Allan We trekked approx. 20kms a day for 6 days and 5 nights through the ancient landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges.  From Alice Springs Telegraph Station to Ormiston Gorge, through the dramatic colour changes of the rock formations of Simpsons Gap, and Stanley Chasm to the Summit of Mount Sonder (1,380m) for an unforgettable sunrise spanning for miles. Some of our ...

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