Live Well Experiences

The Live Well Experiences programs offer you opportunities to immerse yourself in growth, explore your potential and integrate lifestyle changes. We take a holistic approach to your wellbeing drawing on world wisdom from western and eastern models, and also from Indigenous wisdom and nature.

All programs are delivered in unique beautiful destinations immersed in nature (Reef, Range, Rainforest & Green Urban retreats) and you are supported by our highly experienced wellness guides.

Wellness Programs 

Vital Lives is designed to help you create a life-changing experience where you can imagine yourself living a longer, healthier and more connected life.

It is designed using the Blue Zone Research where the world’s healthiest people live 10 years longer and feel 20 years younger.

Zen Calm is a holistic 3 or 6 day retreat to inspire a life of alignment, connection, energy, and purpose allowing you to experience profound states of relaxation and insight. Your body will be nurtured through gentle yoga and movement to access extraordinary mental states. Learn the nutritional secrets to support a healthy balance.

Clarity is designed to help you connect with your deeper self, find your purpose, inner power and pathway in life. You will be given the time and space to reflect, restore and regenerate giving you greater clarity and confidence to achieve your own personal goals.

Natural Elements welcomes you to settle into the stillness of nature for a 5 day blissful retreat in either the Daintree region or the beauty of Uluru.

You will feel a greater connection with yourself, gain clarity of thinking and feeling, and harmony. Time to be immersed in the essential elements of air, water, wind, earth and eternal fire.

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