Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Experience a radically different kind of adventure. Aro Ha is a multi-award-winning retreat where wellness traditions meet luxury. This is a place to thrive together. Awaken with the rising sun, rewild yourself in nature, strengthen your immune system and deepen your breath. At Aro Ha, we use a variety of practices to elevate your body and mind. After days of nourishing yourself from the inside out, you’ll leave rejuvenated and reconnected to the source of wellbeing.

Our retreats offer an experience that focuses on all aspects of natural health and wellbeing. We take you on a journey to come home to yourself, and really understand what optimal health feels like. The six- or eight-day programmes have been designed by leading health experts to regenerate your body and mind, based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits. This is a space of transformation where we get to explore all aspects of natural health.

From mindfulness to healing bodywork, Aro Ha encourages you to switch off from technology and renew your awareness. Navigating between group and solo activities, you’ll learn to balance solitude and community for wellbeing and clarity, ultimately reconnecting to the present moment. In Te Reo, Aro Ha translates to “in the presence of divine breath.” Breath is a foundational practice of life and we use it as an entry point into the mysticism of the present, and as a result, our guests often report lower stress levels, improved mood, better sleep, lower blood pressure, prolonged weight-loss and an improved direction in life. You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your inherent potential.

The Experience

Aro Ha encourages guests to disconnect to reconnect; harnessing the art of living exceptionally well. Waking to the beautiful chimes of a Tibetan bowl, you’ll begin your day watching the sunrise over the mountains from our yoga studio, prepping you for your morning walk.

After yoga, enjoy a perfectly balanced plant-based breakfast. All of the meals at Aro Ha are handmade by our talented kitchen team, focusing on whole food and plant-based goodness sourced straight from our permaculture garden. Our award-winning cuisine is made to nourish you from the inside out, nurturing a deep sense of appreciation for where the food came from as well as fostering intuitive eating habits.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of nature with a hike on the subalpine trails. Guided by your retreat leaders, explore the incredible scenery of New Zealand as you wander the mountains and begin to reconnect to your breath. Mindfulness practices are interweaved throughout your day as well as on the hikes, as you partake in carefully curated activities; from cooking classes to functional strength training, meditation and hot/cold therapy.

Post-hike, take a moment to unwind in award-winning spa and infrared sauna before it’s time for your daily massage. Our highly-experienced massage and spa team can tailor the massage to suit what you and your body is calling for.

At the end of the day, return to your minimalist-luxury style accommodation for a blissful nights rest, ready to experience what the next day has to offer on your adventure in wellbeing.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Revive & Thrive Plus – 02 Dec 22 to 09 Dec 22 – 8 days / 7 nights from AU$ 7831.29 per person
  • Revive & Thrive – 13 Dec 22 to 18 Dec 22 – 6 days / 5 nights from AU$ 6344.04 per person
  • Revive & Thrive Plus – 29 Dec 22 to 05 Jan 23 – 8 days / 7 nights from AU$ 7831.29 per person
  • Core Reset – 09 Jan 23 to 14 Jan 23 – 6 days / 5 nights from AU$ 6344.04 per person
  • Revive & Thrive – 18 Jan 23 to 23 Jan 23 – 6 days / 5 nights from AU$ 6344.04 per person
  • Revive & Thrive – 27 Jan 23 to 01 Feb 23 – 6 days / 5 nights from AU$ 6344.04 per person
  • Revive & Thrive Plus – 05 Feb 23 to 12 Feb 23 – 8 days / 7 nights from AU$ 7831.29 per person

More dates available.

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